Campaign against Deepfakes

DEC 2023 - Present



Deepfakes are non-consensually AI-generated voices, images, or videos that a reasonable person would mistake as real. Deepfakes are used for sexual imagery, fraud, or misinformation.

There are no laws effectively targeting and limiting the creation and circulation of deepfakes, and all current requirements on creators are ineffective.

We have developed a concrete proposal for how deepfakes can be banned, and are promoting it through policy reports and by engaging with politicians and officials.


Built a bipartisan group of 64 UK legislators (MPs, Lords, MSPs, and MIAs) that publicly endorse and support our policy and our goal of banning deepfakes across the supply chain.

Motion in support of ControlAI by name in Scottish Parliament.

Spearheaded a global coalition of organizations under Campaign to Ban Deepfakes, chiefly outside the AI risk sphere, backing our policies as the solution to deepfakes.

Released two broadcast-quality videos on deepfakes (~20M views) which you can watch here and here.

Developed shovel-ready policy (US and UK draft bills and policy report).

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