Campaign to prevent an international endorsement of further scaling

NOV - DEC 2023



Control AI was formed in October 2023 in the run up to the AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park.

The major AI labs had coalesced around so-called “Responsible Scaling Policies”.

These ostensibly cautious policies would in reality give AI labs freedom to scale up the power of their AI models without limits or guardrails.

All major AI labs were pushing for these policies, despite themselves admitting that AGI has a 10-25% chance of wiping out humanity. 


Made AI a frontpage topic of discussion among journalists in the UK.

Reversed scaling policies endorsement; with even the UK Prime Minister refusing to use the term when expressly asked.

Ensured Summit’s communique did not endorse scaling or scaling policies.

UK PM gave speech recognizing AI as major extinction risk.

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