The Evolving Landscape of AI Regulation

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Mar 22, 2024

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Recent initiatives and legislative efforts in the UK and the US reflect a growing concern over the misuse of AI, particularly in the creation and dissemination of deepfake content and the unauthorised use of digital likenesses. 

The UK Council for Internet Safety has now unveiled a crucial document called: "Sharing nudes and semi-nudes: advice for education settings working with children and young people". This guideline serves as a cornerstone for educators, providing them with the necessary framework to navigate and mitigate incidents involving the sharing of explicit content among minors, including the increasingly prevalent issue of deepfakes. 

Across the Atlantic, the US has also taken significant steps to address the challenges posed by AI in the creative domain. Spearheaded by the backing of prominent legislative figures, the ELVIS Act represents a decisive effort to curb the unauthorised use of AI in mimicking artists' voices. Classified as a Class A misdemeanour, this legislation underscores the necessity of protecting artists' rights in the age of AI, setting a precedent for the regulation of AI technologies.

In the political arena, the discourse around AI regulation has been aided by the contributions of the Labour Together think tank. Their recent policy paper articulates a comprehensive framework for addressing the ethical challenges posed by AI, advocating for a legal ban on nudification tools and imposing obligations on AI developers and web hosting services to prevent the creation and distribution of harmful deepfake content. 

In the midst of discussions on regulation, the overarching challenge remains the management of unregulated, powerful AI systems. The advancement of AI, while offering immense potential for societal benefit, also presents a profound responsibility to preemptively address the possible adverse impacts of such technologies. 

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