About Us

We are a small, non-profit campaign concerned about the current trajectory of Artificial Intelligence technology. Uncontrolled creation and usage of AI technology presents many threats. These threats range from the usage of deepfake technology to damage trust and rig elections, to extinction caused by uncontrolled and unaligned AI.

The most urgent step towards a safer future is to create concrete and effective policy inhibiting the free creation of godlike AI. Creating godlike AI is a key aim of the largest and most funded AI companies even though there is currently no understanding of how complex AI systems work, and even less understanding of how to align the values of those systems with human values.

Without methods to ensure AI is safe, it is estimated that there is a 10-25% chance it will cause catastrophe for human civilisation. Despite these concerns, the top three AI companies are locked in competition, racing towards godlike AI and receiving billions in funding to do it.

Deepfake technology poses another serious threat. Two billion people are voting in major elections in 2024, and deepfake technology is positioned perfectly to brew distrust and wreak havoc for every election.

This technology is currently freely available for anyone to use with little time or skill required. Besides weakening democracy by spreading misinformation, it has also been used to create hundreds of thousands of pieces of non-consensual pornography (including thousands of instances of child sexual abuse material) and is starting to be used for fraud and identity theft on a massive scale.

Deepfake technology has so much potential for malicious use that it must be controlled. We are campaigning for concrete and enforceable laws to rein in deepfake technology, and protect everyone from the threats that it poses.

Safeguard our future

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